DG’s official visit

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30th Anniversary of RCKC

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Weekly meetings

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  1. Fellowship dinner for all Rotarians and spouse at least once in two months (usually on the day of a BOD meeting)
  2. Two Family Fellowship nights – one in each half year
  3. Year End/Christmas gathering on 22 Dec 12
  4. Two local and one international outings

* Moon Cake Festival Fellowship gathering on the 29th Sept 2012 at the Residence of Rotarian Ng Yaw Hua

To encourage as many members as possible to attend the following;

  1. District Assembly in Johore Baru from 15 to 17 Mar 2013
  2. District Conference in Phuket, thailand from 25 to 26 May 2013
  3. (Next Pan Borneo meet is Dec 2013)

DG Dr Wu Dar Ching and First Lady Lorna arrived in Kuching on 5 September 2006 direct from Singapore. After staying for a few days, they left for Bintulu and Sibu. They returned to Kuching on Saturday, 9 September 2006 at 11.50am from Bintulu.

DG Dr Wu and Lorna attended the weekly meeting of the R.C. of Kuching Central at 1pm at Harbour View hotel. During the weekly meeting, there was a simple ceremony to present two Vocational Service Award to two recipients namely Ms Bunda ak Bayur and Mdm Chen Fui Eng from the Sarawak Cheshire Home and the Salvation Army Children?s Home respectively. Much coverage were given by the local Chinese and English media.

The 2nd Club Assembly was subsequently held immediately after the weekly meeting was concluded. Each director gave their written and oral report. It was a comprehensive report indeed which pleased DG Dr Wu.

After the directors? report, DG Dr Wu encouraged the club to take on projects through matching grant so that the seeds money can multiply to finance bigger projects that provide more visibility in the local community.

He also encouraged each club members to continue to recruit new members so that the total membership can reach 40 members. This is because most of the clubs? average attendance is around 50%. Hence with 40 members, if 20 of them can be present during weekly meetings, it will provide the numbers towards a more conducive and interesting meeting to organise. DG Dr Wu also reminds us not too be to overboard with our strengths. This is because our strengths may ?close? us which may result in ?scaring away? potential members from joining the club.

He liked the vibrant ness of our club members? interactions. With a total of 70 clubs in the District, there are many improvements that he would like all clubs to achieve. He also announced the Pan Borneo to be held in Kuching either May or June 2007 to mark the end of the Rotary year and at the same time to enjoy after a year?s of work.