August 2012 Photo Gallery

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The Sound of Music : 25 Aug 2012

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The mission of The Rotary Foundation is to enble Rotarians to advance world understanding, good will, and peace through the improvement of health, the support of education, and the alleviation of poverty.

The Foundation is a not-for-profit corporation supported solely y voluntary contributions from Rotarians and friends of the Foundtion who share its vision of a better world.

D3310 3310 Rotary Foundation Committee under the chair of PDG David Tong has 8 major operations as follows:

Chair PDG David Tong 65-96965173
Scholarships PDG John Cheah 019-7297282
GSE PP John Ng 65-96378105
Grants PP K.B. Lee 65-90280020
Alumni PDG Lim Hock Teck 012-7942417
Annual Giving PDG Edward Burongoh 019-8215557
Permanent Fund PDG Chris Chen 65 9666 3282
Polio Plus IPDG Zainie Acusa 019 – 8505122
Future Vision PP June Jonet 65 8112 6844

For more information on The Rotary Foundation, please refer to Rotary International District 3310 Information Handbook 2012-15 chapter 11 from 177 to 228.

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Message From President – 2013

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Rotary Club of Kuching Central 2013-2014
Patrick Luk


The Rotary Club of Kuching Central is an active service club that has carried out a number of significant projects over the years that benefited the local communities. Some of the projects included the provision of free cataract operations, health screening, literacy projects, (relating to the donation of books and bicycles to rural schools), provision of clean water and other humanitarian projects. It is indeed an honour and priviledge to be elected as the 28th President of the Club. I accept this position with humility and pledge to serve my Rotary Year to the best of my ability.

Rotary International President Ron Burton has selected a simple but most meaningful theme for this Rotary Year – “Engage Rotary, Change Lives”. This theme eloquently captures the essence of Rotary Service. He wants to make sure every single Rotarian has a meaningful role to play and encourages us to be engaged in Rotary, to be inspired by Rotary and to use the power of Rotary to change lives.

To me, Rotary is a love story in which people come together in fellowship, and which results is doing good in the world. During my years in Rotary, I have witnessed over and over again how communities and individuals benefit because of Rotary activities. These activities, to a great extend, result from exchanges about community needs identified during our Club meetings.
My fellow Rotarians, let us work together and with our communities to actively seek out opportunities in which we Engage Rotary, and Change Lives.
To my guest, friends and supporters of Rotary, thanks very much for your support and kind attendance, and may I wish each and everyone a successful and healthy year ahead.


Patrick Luk
President 2013 – 2014


RI President Message for July 2013

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RI President
Ron Burton



Dear fellow Rotarians,

This is an incredibly exciting time to be a Rotarian. This Rotary year can be one of the greatest years we have yet experienced in Rotary – but it is up to each one of us. We are now writing the last chapter in our fight against polio. While it has been a long, hard journey, we have learned many valuable lessons. We have learned that as a group we can move mountains, we can change people’s lives for the better, and we can honestly make a difference in our world. Perhaps the greatest lesson has been that the more we challenge ourselves, the more we can achieve.


We are also embarking on a new chapter in the storied history of our Rotary Foundation. We have the rare privilege of launching an entirely new grant structure we’ve come to know as Future Vision. It gives us the opportunity to challenge ourselves to do the absolute most we can, with all of our resources. Just think how much more we can do with a stronger Foundation, with stronger clubs filled with more Rotarians who are fully engaged in Rotary service.


It’s time for us to recognize that the real challenge we face isn’t just bringing new members into Rotary. It’s turning all members into true Rotarians. It’s helping members get engaged in Rotary – helping them realize the potential they have, and how their Rotary service can change lives. We need to make sure that every member is active and contributing, and making a real difference – because when you’re doing meaningful work in Rotary, Rotary is meaningful to you.


When we realize what we can achieve in Rotary – when we really engage Rotary – that’s when lives change. We change the lives of the people who need us. That is inevitable. And along the way, our lives are changed as well. That is also inevitable. That’s what our theme is all about in 2013-14: Engage Rotary, Change Lives.


It’s time to open our eyes to the potential each of us has through Rotary. Rotary lets us reach higher, do more, and be a part of something larger than ourselves. No matter how much we give to Rotary, we get more in return. And that, too, is inevitable.


In 2013-14, let’s turn all of our potential into reality. It’s up to us. We can do it by engaging in Rotary service, by getting involved, by staying inspired, and by remembering every day the gift we have in Rotary. Together, we will Engage Rotary, Change Lives


Ron D. Burton
President, Rotary International




Lee Kong Hwee
District Governor, 2012–2013
Rotary International District 3310



Dear Fellow Rotarians,

When I agreed to be suggested by my club as a candidate for District Governor for Rotary Year 2012-2013, I thought nothing about having to take office then. It was only the end of 2009 and July 2012 seems such a distant future to me.

Well, as the popular saying goes, how time flies. July 2012 is now upon us and a new team both in the Clubs and District has taken office.

For this Rotary Year, the District has assembled a team of very dedicated and competent Rotarians who are fully committed to serve all clubs in the District. The team has a good mix of both new and old faces, granting opportunities for the newcomers to learn from the veterans.

I begin my official club visits in the middle of July and ends in the middle of November. I am eagerly looking forward to seeing every one of you during my visits, listening to your club plans for the year and brainstorming with you on how we can take the District to new heights. Nana and I will also be looking forward to a great time with you during the fellowship; however, we have to watch our weight, so please be modest with the food.

IPDG Haji Zainie Abdul Aucasa and his team have done an excellent job in energizing clubs and Rotarians. The District saw membership growth of more than 10% in one single year, no small feat for our District which has always viewed membership growth as its biggest challenge. I want to urge all of you to continue to step on the accelerator, do not let the momentum slow down. We are targeting membership strength of 2,500 in three years’ time. Can we achieve it? Can the pace be sustained? Yes! We can and we will.

While we work hard on recruiting new members to grow our membership, I want to remind you not to forget about membership retention. Foster a harmonious relationship in your club, look at undertaking meaningful and credible projects where every member can contribute; and most important of all, have frequent fellowship and get together events to promote better bonding among club members.

I wish all of you a very enjoyable and fruitful Rotary Year ahead; together let’s bring
“Peace Through Service”.

Best Regards,

Lee Kong Hwee
District Governor 2012-2013


Haji Zainie Abdul Aucasa
District Governor, 2011–2012
Rotary International District 3310



My Fellow Rotarians.

26 years ago on the 23rd December,1986 your charter members felt that the Rotary’s ideal of service to the community was worthy and credible, and for this reason your club was formed.

Over such period, your club has zealously served the community through its various humanitarian projects and outreach programs.

The community you have served are indeed very proud and appreciative of your achievements, which speak well of your dedication to service.

On behalf of Rotary International and of Rotary District 3310, I wish to congratulate you on these achievements as you reach 26 years years of service to the community.

I wish to congratulate the out going President Juergen Ertl and his team of dedicated Rotarians for the many projects that they have carried out in the areas of health, hunger and humanity, provided basic health care and carried out literacy and environmental projects. In so doing they have made the difference to the lives of many who have benefited from those projects.

I wish the very best to the new set of officers and directors under the able leadership of your Incoming President Dr. Willie Lau who I beleived will continue with the great works that have been carried over the years and will lead your club with renewed commitment and passion to greater heights.

I wish each and every one of you every success as you carry on with your tradition and passion for service to the community for many years to come.

With best regards.

Hj. Zainie Abdul Aucasa
District Governor

Weekly Club Meeting

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Service to the New Generations

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