Signing ceremony of Friendship club between EClub of Singapore and Rotary Club of Kuching Central on 16/8/14 during the Eclub of Singapore installation dinner at Ramada Hotel Singapore, witnessed by DG Hj Andre Suharto.




Rumah Amut in Langkang Ili is a 15-door Iban long house that was established in the early 1900. It lies on the left bank of Batang Lupar, about 25km downstream from the Engkilili town. It is located in the Engkilili District, Sri Aman Division, Sarawak in the midst of an Oil Palm Plantation. The 225km journey from Kuching is mainly on the Pan Borneo highway, a single carriageway that links most of Sarawak main towns. The last 20km is by gravel road through the oil palm plantation and accessible by 4-wheel drive vehicles. The journey each way is slightly under 4 hours from Kuching.


A site visit to the longhouse on September 1, 2013 was undertaken by 7 RCKC Rotarians led by PE Louis Yong and Community Service Chair, Richard Wong together with family members. Technical specialists for solar power and plumbing also joined us for this site visit.


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